Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski: Fighter, Father And A Hero

In a world full of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are always going to be those who stand out among the rest. But every now and then, there comes along a fighter who completely transcends the sport. Such is the case with Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski, who is currently the UFC Featherweight Champion.

Volkanovski is not only an incredible fighter, but he’s also a devoted father and a true hero. In this blog post, we’ll explore all three aspects of Volkanovski’s life and how he’s managed to excel in each one.

Who is Alexander Volkanovski?

Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski is one of the top fighters in the world. He is a father and a hero.

Alexander Volkanovski was born on October 7, 1988, in Sydney, Australia. He is of Macedonian descent. Volkanovski began training in boxing and kickboxing when he was 15 years old. He made his professional MMA debut in 2012.

Volkanovski has a record of 20-1-0. He is the current UFC Featherweight Champion. Volkanovski is also a former Rugby League player.

His Fighting Career

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Alexander Volkanovski is a name that many MMA fans are familiar with. He’s a UFC fighter who has made a name for himself in the Octagon.

Born and raised on the Gold Coast of Australia, Volkanovski always had a passion for fighting. He began his martial arts training at a young age and quickly developed into a top competitor.

Volkanovski made his professional MMA debut in 2013 and immediately began racking up wins. He quickly rose through the ranks of Australian MMA, winning the featherweight title in 2015.

In 2016, Volkanovski made the jump to the UFC. He’s since gone undefeated in the promotion, amassing an impressive 13-1 record.

Most recently, Volkanovski captured the UFC featherweight championship with a dominant performance over Max Holloway at UFC 245. With this win, he cemented himself as one of the best fighters in the world.

Outside of the cage, Volkanovski is also a husband and father. He regularly gives back to his community, whether it’s through charity work or speaking engagements.

In short, Alexander Volkanovski is not only an incredible fighter, but also an inspiring human being. He’s someone that everyone can look up to and admire.

His Family Life

Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski is one of the most decorated mixed martial artists in the world. He is a former UFC Lightweight Champion and current UFC Featherweight Champion. In addition to his fighting career, Volkanovski is also a father and husband.

Volkanovski’s wife, Tara, is a former professional tennis player. The couple met while they were both competing in the Australian Open in 2009. They were married in 2012 and have two daughters together.

Volkanovski’s father, Tony, was born in the village of Beranci in North Macedonia but moved to Australia when he was young. His mother was Greek, and his father, as we said, Macedonian, just like the parents of the famous Macedonian king Alexander the Great. Hence the nickname “the Great”.

What Makes Him a Hero?

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There are many things that make Alexander Volkanovski a hero. He is a world champion MMA fighter, a loving father, and an all-around good guy.

First and foremost, Volkanovski is a world-class Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is the current UFC Featherweight Champion, and he has racked up an impressive 21-1 record in his career. He has defeated some of the best fighters in the world, including former champion Max Holloway.

In addition to being a great fighter, Volkanovski is also a great father. He has two young daughters whom he loves very much. He is always talking about them and how proud he is of them.

Lastly, Volkanovski is just an all-around good guy. He’s always smiling and joking around with people. He seems like someone who would be fun to hang out with outside of the Octagon.

All of these qualities make Alexander Volkanovski a hero to many people.


Alexander Volkanovski is a man of many talents. Not only is he an amazing fighter, but he is also a great father and role model. He has shown us that it is possible to achieve success in multiple areas of life, and we are truly inspired by his story. We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about this amazing man and that you will be motivated to achieve your own goals in life. Thank you for reading!

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