Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Rumors and Secrets Revealed

In this article, we will go through some of the most talked about rumors and speculations surrounding Behind Her Eyes season 2. We’ll also cover a few of the secrets that have been revealed so far! What better way to get you excited about it than by telling you everything we know about it?

How Does Season 1 End?

Spoiler alert! Louise (Simona Brown) whose body has been taken over by Rob’s soul, marries David (Tom Bateman), who thinks his previous wife Adele has died of an overdose, but she did not. Rob also killed her. Louise and David are planning their honeymoon while Louise’s young son, Adam (Tyler Howitt), notices that something is up with his mom.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Rumors

If we get the green light for season two, we’re expecting to see Simona Brown return as Louise, the woman who was taken over by psychiatric patient Rob.

After learning Eve was able to transfer souls, Rob used it against her and tried to control her body.

Rob, posing as Adele, would do anything he could to keep his hold on David. To do this, he took over Louise and fell in love with her.

Tom Bateman will likely return as “David,” who remains blissfully unaware that his new wife is technically both his old wife and not his old wife at all.

If you’re confused, that’s understandable.

Robert Aramayo, who played OG Rob before he began hopping into other people’s bodies, could potentially appear in flashbacks. Even though “Adele” (Eve Hewson) is now deceased, it’s possible she could also show up in flashbacks.

And don’t forget Louise’s son Adam (Tyler Howitt) and minor players like Louise’s ex-husband and her friend Sophie.

Additionally, we would also expect to see some new faces as well.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2


The second season of Behind Her Eyes is sure to be full of more secrets and drama than the first. We can’t wait to see what happens next for Louise, Adam, and David. If you’re as excited as we are, be sure to check out our website for all the latest news and rumors about the show.


What’s the release date for Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

The release date for Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes has not been announced yet, but we will be sure to keep you updated!

How many seasons of Behind Her Eyes are there?

As of now, there is only 1 season of Behind Her Eyes.

When did filming begin for season 1?

Filming took place between June and October 2019.

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