Emily Ratajkowski Responds To Rumors Of Romance With Brad Pitt

After rumors surfaced that she was dating Brad Pitt, Emily Ratajkowski set the record straight on Wednesday in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. The actress and model spoke candidly to the magazine about her relationship status.

The internet is abuzz with rumors that actor Brad Pitt and model Emily Ratajkowski are romantically involved. The gossip started after the two were spotted attending a recent art opening together in Los Angeles.

While neither Pitt nor Ratajkowski have confirmed the rumors, the model did take to Twitter to shut down any speculation that the two are anything more than friends. “It’s flattering when people think you’re dating someone as cool as Brad Pitt!” she wrote. “But we’re just friends.”

So there you have it! For now, it seems that any rumors of a romance between Pitt and Ratajkowski are just that – rumors.

Is Emily Ratajkowski Dating Brad Pitt?

No, Emily Ratajkowski is not dating Brad Pitt. The model and actress was quick to shut down rumors that she was romantically involved with the Hollywood A-lister, taking to Twitter to set the record straight.

“I normally don’t comment on things like this but I’m genuinely freaked out that people are saying I’m dating Brad Pitt,” she wrote. “We have never met.”

Ratajkowski went on to say that she finds the whole situation “very confusing” and that she feels the need to clarify that she is not, in fact, dating Pitt.

The rumors started after Ratajkowski was spotted hanging out with Pitt at his home in Los Angeles earlier this month. However, a source close to the model told Page Six that they are just friends and there is nothing romantic going on between them.

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What does Emily Ratajkowski have to say about the reports?

Emily Ratajkowski has responded to reports that she is romantically involved with Brad Pitt, calling the rumors “completely false.”

“There is absolutely no truth to this story,” Ratajkowski said in a statement to JustJared.com. “It is 100% fabricated.”

The model and actress also took to Twitter to refute the reports, writing, “The internet is 90% bulls–t.”

Ratajkowski first met Pitt when they shot a music video together for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” in 2013.

The model and actress took to Twitter to clear up any speculation, writing: ” Rumors I’m dating Brad Pitt are false. We’re just friends.”

Pitt has recently been linked to several other women, including Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron.

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