Fixing an ARK Server Not Responding Error

If you’re a‌ fan of the​ popular survival‌ game ARK, then⁢ you know that a ‍server not ‍responding error is one of the most ‌frustrating things to ⁤experience. Thankfully, there are a few options available to help restore your game ⁤experience. In this ‌article, we’ll ‌go over ⁤some common solutions‌ to ‍fixing an⁤ ARK ⁢server ‌not⁣ responding error,⁣ so you can get⁤ back to ‌playing ‍your favorite ⁣game as⁢ soon as possible.

1.⁢ What is the ARK Server⁢ Not Responding Error?

If you are running your‌ own⁤ ARK: Survival Evolved server, you may ‍have encountered an “ARK Server Not Responding”​ error. This error is ⁢usually caused ‌by too⁤ many players accessing the ⁣server, or ‍a bug ⁤in​ the game. Fortunately, ‍there⁣ are ways to fix this issue. Here ​are some ​steps‌ you can take:

  • Restart​ the server: The simplest solution is to restart your dedicated ARK server. ⁣This will ‌give it a fresh start, and may fix minor‍ issues.
  • Check your device’s ‌memory: ​ If the server is running out of memory, it may⁢ cause⁢ the server not to ⁤respond. Check if ‍the device‍ is running low on memory, and‌ if‍ so, add ‌more.
  • Update‍ ARK⁢ and‌ mods: Outdated ARK versions ‌can ⁤cause issues with game servers.​ Check that you have the⁢ latest ⁢version​ of ARK and any mods you ‍may‍ be running.
  • Check server⁣ ports: ARK⁤ servers use ports⁢ 7777⁣ and 27015. Make sure these ports ⁢are open, and that any ​firewalls are ‌not blocking these ports.

If none of these solutions ‍work, you may be experiencing a‌ bug‌ with the ‌game. ⁤You​ can try reinstalling‌ ARK and its mods ​to see ‍if‍ this resolves ‌the​ issue. If‍ you still have ⁣problems,⁢ you⁤ can ‌contact ARK support ‌for ⁤further assistance.

2. What Could Be Causing⁢ the ARK Server Not Responding Error?

If⁣ you’ve encountered ⁢an ARK server not ⁣responding ⁤error, ⁢your first⁤ step should be ⁢to check if ⁤the‍ server​ is actually ​online or not.⁤ This ‌can be ⁣done either through the official ⁣ARK website​ or by attempting⁢ to connect‍ to it via Steam. If the server is⁤ offline, ⁤the error might⁢ be⁢ due to the server being⁣ temporarily unavailable. You should try to‍ reconnect later.

If the server is online, the error might⁤ be due to the⁢ following reasons:

  • Server ‍Issues: The server might be facing technical issues or ‌may ⁣be overloaded ⁣with too ⁢many players. ‌You should consider contacting the server administrator to resolve this.
  • Server⁤ Latency: Your⁣ connection to‌ the server might be slow.‌ Try ⁣lowering the graphics or boosting‍ your connection speed.
  • DDoS Attacks: Your server might be under attack by ‌hackers attempting⁣ to hijack it. ⁤You ⁤should contact⁤ a server administrator to help ⁣you resolve this issue.

You should also ⁢check that ⁤your game⁣ version is compatible⁤ with the server. If ⁣the server is running on an ‍outdated ⁤version, you might‌ face an error. ‌In this case, you‍ should consider ​contacting ​the‍ server administrator⁤ to ⁢upgrade ⁢the version to the⁤ latest available.

3. How to Troubleshoot ‌and Fix the ARK Server ‌Not Responding to Error

If you have recently tried to log on to your‌ ARK ⁤server and received the “ARK Server‍ not Responding” error, this is a sure sign of​ trouble. Fortunately, this ⁢problem can often be resolved relatively⁤ quickly. Here are a ‌few solutions to try ⁢if you run into this ⁤problem:

  • Restart the Server – First, try ⁢simply restarting the ARK server. This⁣ is ⁤often ⁣the best bet when you experience these types of ⁣technical issues.⁤ You can find⁤ more‌ information on restarting the ARK ​server here.
  • Check‌ Your Connection Settings – There may be ⁣a problem⁢ with⁢ your​ connection ​settings ⁤that is⁢ preventing you from connecting to the server. Double check any ⁣configurations​ or‍ settings that have been⁢ recently changed and try connecting again.
  • Check the Server Logs – The server‌ logs can be⁣ a great way ‍to track ​down ⁣the cause of the issue. Check‌ the logs to see⁢ if ⁢there is anything ‍that might have caused⁣ the error.

If you are still ‌seeing the “ARK ​Server⁤ not Responding” ⁢error after‍ trying the⁤ above ⁢solutions, you might need to contact ARK’s ⁢ support team for ⁢further troubleshooting assistance. You can find ⁤more ​information on how to do⁣ that ‍ here.

4. Conclusion

As we ​have ‍seen,‍ server ​not responding errors in ARK​ can be‌ caused by ⁤various issues including server configuration, latency, and ⁤player⁤ load. ​To fix the⁢ issue, ‌it is recommended that you troubleshoot⁤ through the⁤ possible loopholes one by ​one.‍

Below are the⁢ key points to keep in mind:

  • Check your server’s configuration: ‌Review your game server’s settings for optimization.
  • Reduce ‌latency: ⁤ Check for any ⁣unnecessary ⁤latency issues.⁢
  • Prevent overload: Make sure all ​players ⁢have‌ a suitable connection speed.
  • Get⁢ professional⁤ help: If you cannot find the issue, contact ​a professional ⁣for assistance.

If ‌you need more help ​on ARK servers, you can also reach out to providers of game ⁤servers ​who provide complete setup‌ and trouble-shooting assistance for your server.‌


If your ⁤ARK server⁤ is​ not responding and ⁢you⁤ need a fix,‌ make sure that you take all the safety ⁢measures outlined in this article. ⁢Contact ⁢the server ‌provider if⁣ suggestions‌ don’t help.⁢ Most of the time, this issue can‌ be resolved easily. With ​some luck ⁣and ⁢patience, your ⁣ARK server ⁢should ⁣be back‌ up and running in no time.

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