Relive the Adventure with Homeworld Remastered

‌Do you miss playing the classic​ science⁢ fiction video game “Homeworld”? Then​ you’re in luck! The creators of “Homeworld” have remastered the game so ⁣that you can relive the adventure. Here we’ll tell you what you ⁣can expect from​ the remastered version of the ‌game.

1. Rediscover⁤ the Classic: Homeworld Remastered

For those not familiar with the classic video game⁢ Homeworld, here’s a brief overview – ⁣first released in 1999, it became one of the most ⁤beloved games in the strategy genre, with fans still raving about it today. Thanks to Homeworld Remastered, these fans can once again relive the adventure – now in vivid high‌ HD graphical quality and updated content. Here are some of ‍the features that ⁣have made Homeworld Remastered the talk of ‍the town once ​again.

  • Pristine Visuals
  • Updated ‌content
  • Full Multiplayer Experience
  • Fully Remastered ‌Audio
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Homeworld‍ Remastered has truly ‍been a labor of love from the game’s original creators,⁤ and once⁢ again proves why this series of games was so ‍beloved in‍ the first place. It’s the perfect combination of classic gameplay‍ with the modern additions ‍we’ve come to expect from games today.

2. Dive into the Exciting Storyline

Are you ready for a heck⁣ of an adventure? ‌Rediscover the classic real-time strategy game,⁢ Homeworld Remastered, as you dive‍ into an unforgettable storyline. It includes both the original‌ Homeworld and ⁢its‍ sequel, Homeworld 2 Remastered, both with fully remastered visuals and ⁢ sound effects. You‌ can expect all-new ⁢3D models, particularly of spaceships, and ‌remastered voice-over, so⁣ expect the grandeur and the drama of the⁣ original games with even more gorgeous visuals as you embark on your journey.

Journey with the creators of the‍ new ⁢Hiigaran Fleet and explore the galaxy⁢ to discover⁣ the lost secrets of their ancestors. Dive into a complex narrative‍ that remains ‌as thought-provoking⁢ today as it ⁢was when‌ it was first released back‍ in 1999. It’s just as engaging as ever, so get ready for the ‌ride!

  • Unravel the truth behind an epic tale of single-minded ambition.
  • Fight alongside the bold Hiigaran warriors for the future of‍ their‍ people.
  • Explore a living universe, full of unknowns waiting to be discovered.

You can⁤ enjoy‍ the ‍adventure⁢ as you explore vast open galaxies,‍ battle huge fleets of spaceships, and‌ build huge weapons. With ‍cool features such as the “Level ‍of ⁤Detail” technology, you can even zoom in on‍ the battlefield and take a closer look!‍ Battle⁣ the forces of your enemies, command your fleets, fortify your position, and ⁣outmaneuver your enemies – it’s all up to you!

3. Experience Improved Graphics and‍ Sound

Homeworld Remastered

Homeworld Remastered promises to take the classic real-time strategy game to new heights with significantly improved graphics and sound. ‍

Clearer visuals – The game’s visuals have been overhauled to⁣ bring higher detail models, vivid colors, better ‍composition, and smoother animation. Many of the original textures have been up-scaled, while others ⁣have been completely replaced.

HD sound ​ – Homeworld Unleashed has received⁣ a complete makeover with ‍completely ⁢remastered⁣ audio. You will⁢ experience enhanced intensity and clarity from the ⁢new music and voice recordings, as well as‍ improved sound effects.

These audio and⁢ visual⁤ upgrades help create an ‍immersive new experience that will ​ensure​ players enjoy ‍the game in a way never imagined ⁣before.

  • High-detail models
  • Vibrant colors
  • Better composition
  • Smoothed animations
  • Up-scaled textures
  • Completely⁣ remastered ⁢audio
  • Intense music
  • Enhanced ⁤sound effects

4. See What the Re-Release Has to Offer

The⁢ re-release of the classic real-time strategy ​space game “Homeworld Remastered” offers ‌a range of new features for the re-imagined classic.

Graphics – The new version⁤ offers improved visuals and animations, ⁢with full HD resolutions,​ new animations, specular map-based lighting, and shader effects.

Multiplayer Mode – Take the adventure to the extreme with 8-player skirmishes and‍ access to dedicated servers. The game also supports a classic⁣ 16-player mode and ranked matchmaking.

Level Editor –‌ Outside of the classic campaign, you can ​create, share and play custom ⁤levels. With‍ the level ⁤editor, you can design your own map, which you ​can then share with others.

Mods – The game also supports support for mods. ⁣Players can ​create their own mods and tweaks with fan-made customizations and ⁤even ‌add new units or game modes.

Archive/Museum – Explore historical elements in-game and access⁣ the Homeworld‍ Remastered Collection’s Archive/Museum mode. Here, you can find unique video content, galleries, and interviews.

  • Get stuck into 8-player multiplayer skirmishes.
  • Create, share ⁣, and play custom ‌levels.
  • Create your own ‍mods and tweaks.
  • Delve ‍into the game’s Archive/Museum mode.

Relive the classic game with improved⁣ visuals,‌ multiplayer mode, access to dedicated servers, and the ability‍ to control a wide ⁣array of ships. Whatever your preference, this re-release has⁣ it all.

5. Tips for Retracing the Adventures ‌of Homeworld

Homeworld Remastered

1. Play the⁢ Game: ⁢Start off by playing the original⁢ Homeworld through ‌the Remastered⁢ edition to get familiar with ⁤the scenes,⁣ characters, ⁣maps, and more. Take time to assess how the mission progresses and thereby,‌ familiarize yourself with different levels and⁤ calculate the​ strategies needed to ⁤complete a mission.

2. Watch Official Trailers: Go through the official trailers released by Gearbox Software and visualize the changes between the original and the⁢ Remastered ⁣edition. Watch tutorials for ⁣tips on ​missions or story arcs.

3. Tune​ in to⁢ Community Discussions: Join in on​ discussions with Homeworld fanatics on Reddit or YouTube to get an insight into popular‍ strategies employed when playing the game. Follow their advice and ⁤take cues⁢ to immerse‍ yourself into​ the world of Homeworld without fear of ​getting lost in the storyline.

4. Follow the Lore: Expand your knowledge of the lore behind Homeworld and use‌ that to effectively navigate the game. Read books‍ or blogs, watch shows and movies related​ to the‍ game to gain more context on the‍ game⁤ , and enjoy extended storylines.

5. Experiment: Develop ⁤strategies of your ⁣own by experimenting with the units, maps, multiplayer gaming ‍, and difficulty levels. Make use of every opportunity presented to explore the different ‌elements of Homeworld while having fun.

Additional Resources:

  • Play‌ Beta version
  • Download Mods
  • Check out‍ Wiki pages and fansites

6. Relive the Classic with Homeworld Remastered

Homeworld is one of the classic real-time strategy (RTS) games that ⁣has ⁢remained popular and‌ beloved by⁣ fans for years. Now, with⁣ the release‍ of Homeworld⁣ Remastered, you can once⁣ again experience​ the⁢ original game that started‍ it all.

What’s included‌ in the Remastered Edition?

  • High-definition​ graphics and audio
  • Support⁤ for modern operating systems
  • Online multiplayer with advanced ⁣matchmaking
  • Cloud support across all platforms
  • Steam Workshop support
  • Access to tools for creating mission modifications

With the Remastered​ Edition, you can play the original game ‌just like you did all those years ago, but ⁣now ⁢with​ improved graphics, ‍audio,​ and matchmaking. Plus, you can use the ⁤tools included to create your own custom⁣ missions and share them with the world via Steam Workshop.

It’s the ⁤perfect way ​to relive the classic Homeworld experience with⁤ updated features ⁣and graphics. So, if you’re ​ready to experience ‍the classic again, it’s time to get your⁣ hands⁢ on the Homeworld Remastered Edition!


Whether you’re ⁤a lapsed⁤ fan or new to the‍ Homeworld franchise, you can now relive the adventure with Homeworld Remastered. With new features, textures, and ways to play, you can‍ be rewarded with a⁣ truly unique blend ⁢of science-fiction and classical strategy. Visually pleasing‌ and historically significant – experience Homeworld Remastered!⁢

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