Roman Reigns Net Worth 2024: How Much Is The WWE Star Worth?

Roman Reigns is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. He is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and a two-time WWE Universal Champion. Roman has held the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match and he is also a Grand Slam Champion. As of 2022, Roman Reigns’ net worth is $12 million. But how did he make his money? And how much is he will worth in future? Read on to find out.

Roman Reigns’ Net Worth

As one of the top stars in WWE, it’s no surprise that Roman Reigns has amassed a pretty impressive net worth.

Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, is thought to be worth around $12 million. His annual salary is estimated to be $5 million, and he also brings in some extra cash through endorsements and other projects outside of WWE.

Forbes ranked Reigns as the fourth highest-paid WWE superstar in 2018, behind only Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Triple H.

While Reigns may not be at the very top of WWE’s earning list, there’s no doubt that he’s doing pretty well for himself. And with his star power only continuing to rise, it’s likely that his net worth will only go up in the years to come.

How Roman Reigns Makes His Money

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Roman Reigns is one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the world and he has a lot of money to show for it. The majority of Reigns’ income comes from his work with WWE. He is currently signed to a five-year contract with WWE that is worth $5 million per year. In addition to his salary, Reigns also receives a percentage of the revenue generated by WWE pay-per-view events and merchandise sales.

In addition to his work with WWE, Roman Reigns has also appeared in several films and television shows. Most notably, he had a role in the 2016 film “The Revenger” and guest-starred on an episode of ” Hawaii Five-0.” His appearance fees and royalties from these projects contribute to his overall net worth.

Roman Reigns’ Early Life and Career

Roman Reigns was born Leati Joseph Anoaʻi in Pensacola, Florida, on May 25, 1985. He is part of the Anoaʻi family of Samoan wrestlers and is a cousin of The Rock and Yokozuna. Reigns played football at Georgia Tech before being drafted by the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings in 2007. He was cut by the Vikings and signed with the Canadian Football League’s Edmonton Eskimos before being released in 2008.

Reigns then began training to be a professional wrestler. He made his debut in 2010 with the WWE developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He was promoted to WWE’s main roster in 2012 and won his first singles title, the United States Championship, that same year. In 2014, he won the Royal Rumble match and went on to headline WrestleMania XXX against Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which he lost.

Reigns has headlined multiple pay-per-view events for WWE and is a three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His reigns as champion are collectively the second longest in WWE history at days (behind Bruno Sammartino’s combined day record), while his first reign is the sixth longest individual reign at days. Outside of wrestling, Reigns has appeared in several television shows and movies, including The Marine 3: Homefront (2013) and Trainwreck (2015).

How Roman Reigns’ Net Worth Has Changed Over The Years

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in WWE. He is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and has held the title for a total of days. He is also a two-time United States Champion and a one-time WWE Tag Team Champion. Roman Reigns’ Net Worth has changed over the years, as his career has progressed.

In 2012, Roman Reigns’ net worth was estimated to be $120 thousand. This was the year he made his debut in WWE and won the United States Championship. His net worth increased to $1 million by 2013, as he continued to have success in WWE. In 2014, Roman Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the first time and his net worth increased to $3 million.

Roman Reigns’ net worth continued to grow in 2015 and 2016, as he remained one of the top stars in WWE. By 2017, Roman Reigns’ net worth had reached $5 million. This year, 2018, his net worth is estimated to be $8 million. This is due to his high-profile position in WWE and his successful merchandise sales. Roman Reigns is currently one of the highest paid superstars in WWE and his net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.

What Roman Reigns Net Worth in 2024

As one of the most popular WWE Superstars in recent memory, it’s no surprise that Roman Reigns has a pretty sizable net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Reigns is currently worth an estimated $12 million, and that number is only going to continue to rise in the future. Roman Reigns net worth in 2024 is expected to be around $20 million!

While it’s impossible to say exactly how much Reigns will be worth in the future, it’s safe to say that he will continue to be one of the highest-paid WWE Superstars for years to come. In fact, Forbes recently named Reigns as one of the top 10 highest-paid wrestlers in the world, with an estimated annual salary of $4.3 million.

Of course, Reigns’ net worth isn’t just from his WWE salary. He also earns a significant amount of money from endorsement deals and other outside projects. For example, he has a deal with K Swiss shoes and has appeared in commercials for brands like Subway and Red Bull.

It’s clear that Roman Reigns is already a very wealthy man, and there’s no doubt that his net worth will only continue to grow in the years to come.


Roman Reigns is one of the most popular WWE superstars and it’s no surprise that he has amassed a huge net worth. In 2024, it is estimated that Roman Reigns will be worth $20 million. This puts him in the top tier of wrestlers when it comes to net worth and means he is doing very well for himself. If you’re a fan of Roman Reigns, then you’ll be pleased to know that he is doing very well financially and is only set to grow his wealth in the years to come.

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