Sneako Net Worth 2024: Rising YouTube Star

Sneako is a rising star on YouTube, with his gaming videos and vlogs. He has built up a large following over the past few years. While Sneako is still relatively young, he has already made a significant amount of money from his YouTube channel. In this blog post, we will take a look at how Sneako has made his money and what his net worth is currently.

Who is Sneako?

Sneako is a rising YouTube star who has built a large following by playing the online game League of Legends. He originally started out as a competitive player in the game, but soon began creating content for his YouTube channel, which now has over 700,000 subscribers.

In addition to League of Legends, Sneako also plays and streams a variety of other games, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. He often collaborates with other popular YouTubers and streamers, such as Pokimane and Disguised Toast.

Sneako is known for his entertaining personality and his high level of skill in the games he plays. He regularly posts videos of himself playing and commentating on matches, as well as vlogs documenting his life and travels. In 2018, he won the prestigious Streamer of the Year award at The Game Awards.

As Sneako’s popularity continues to grow, so does his net worth. It is estimated that he has earned millions of dollars from his YouTube channel and various sponsorships and partnerships. With his large audience and impressive gaming skills, Sneako is poised to continue rising in the world of online entertainment.

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Sneako Net Worth in 2024

Sneako’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2024. This includes his earnings from YouTube, Twitch, and other online platforms.

Sneako is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer who has been steadily rising in popularity over the past few years. He mainly plays and streams League of Legends, but has also dabbled in other games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone.

As of 2021, Sneako has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 450,000 followers on Twitch. He typically earns around $5,000-$10,000 per month from YouTube ads alone. Add in his income from Twitch donations/subscriptions and brand deals, and Sneako is easily making over $100,000 per year.

Given his current rate of growth, it’s not unreasonable to expect Sneako’s net worth to reach $2 million by 2024.

How Did Sneako Get Started on Youtube?

Sneako started posting videos on YouTube in early 2010 when the site was still relatively new. His first few videos were simple gameplay footage from the popular video game “Minecraft.” However, it wasn’t long before Sneako began to add his own commentary and personality to his videos, which is what really drew in viewers.

Over time, Sneako’s channel grew steadily in popularity. He started posting more frequently and covering a wider variety of games. He also began branching out into other types of content, such as vlogs and challenge videos. By 2016, Sneako’s channel had amassed over a million subscribers.

Today, Sneako continues to produce entertaining and engaging content for his YouTube channel. His videos have attracted a loyal following of fans who enjoy watching him play games, take on challenges, and just generally goof around. With his growing popularity, it’s safe to say that Sneako’s net worth will continue to rise in the years to come.

What are some of Sneako’s Most Popular Videos?

Sneako is a popular YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers. He first started posting videos in 2014 and his channel has since grown immensely in popularity. His videos typically consist of him playing video games, but he also posts occasional vlogs, challenges, and other types of videos.

Some of Sneako’s most popular videos include “The Most Insane Game of Chess Ever Played,” “I Tried out for the NBA,” and “GTA 5 Online – The Ultimate Heist.” These videos have all received millions of views and have helped to make Sneako one of the most popular YouTubers around.


Sneako is a rising YouTube star with a net worth of $20,000 as of 2024. His channel features videos on gaming, technology, and pop culture. Sneako’s content is original and entertaining, which has helped him gain a loyal following. He is also active on social media, where he often interacts with his fans. In the next few years, we expect Sneako’s net worth to continue to grow as he continues to produce popular content and expand his online presence.

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