Troubleshooting: Can’t Install Valorant?

If you’ve been relying on the world of gaming to pass the time lately, ⁢you’ve probably heard of Valorant -⁢ the popular shooter game. Unfortunately, some gamers find that they get stuck trying to install the game. If ‌this ⁤is you, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this article,⁣ we’ll go over some ‌common troubleshooting steps you can take if you’re having trouble getting Valorant up and running.

1. Introduction to Troubleshooting: Can’t Install Valorant?

If you’re having trouble installing‌ Valorant, ​you’re in the right place. In this article, ⁤we’ll discuss common solutions to the problem and how you can get the ‍game up and​ running as soon as possible. Here are three of the most common ⁣solutions:

  • Run the game’s installer as an administrator: Right-click on the Valorant⁢ launcher and select‍ “Run as administrator”. This will give the game the appropriate permissions to ⁢install properly.
  • Update your video card driver: Your video card is⁢ responsible for running the game, so make sure it’s up to date by visiting the website of the ⁢card’s manufacturer.
  • Check‍ your computer’s ⁢compatibility: Valorant requires a 64-bit version of Windows and a 4.0GHz Intel Core i3 processor or higher. Make sure your system meets the⁤ requirements​ before attempting to install the game.

If ‍you’ve tried the above solutions and you’re still having trouble installing Valorant, contact Riot Games ⁢support for dedicated assistance. They can provide the best guidance to get the game up and running.

2. Common Causes of Valorant Installation Issues

Having trouble⁢ installing Valorant? It’s not unusual to experience issues when trying to install the game, but there are some common causes. Get familiar with them below, and consider trying these solutions first.

Inadequate Storage Space – Valorant requires at least​ 10GB ​of storage for initial download and installation, so make sure⁤ you have that⁢ amount before attempting, ‌or else you’ll run into errors. ⁣

Outdated Driver – Running an outdated graphics‍ card driver can also cause trouble installing Valorant—try updating⁢ yours to ‌its most recent version if this might be the case.

Network Issue – If your network was unstable when you tried​ to install Valorant, it can cause​ difficulties—proofread any typos in the server/account address, and check your connection.

  • Ensure that your device has ⁤enough storage space.
  • Update your graphics card driver.
  • Double-check your network connection.
  • Check system or ⁤account passwords.
  • Verify game files.

3. Steps to Install ‍Valorant

If you want‍ to play the Valorant game, you need to install it first. The following three​ steps will help you get your game installed ⁣quickly and easily:

  • Download⁣ Valorant: Go to the official Valorant website and download their ⁢installer.‍ It should be the only file needed to get you playing the game.
  • Install Valorant: Once you have ⁣the Valorant installer, click to ⁣run it and let the setup begin. Follow the on-screen instructions to fully install‌ the game.
  • Run Valorant: ⁢ After the install is complete, click the icon ⁣or use the shortcut to open the game. You have now done a successful Valorant⁤ install.

Once the ‍download and install are completed, you⁢ should be ready to jump into your first‍ Valorant game.

4. Troubleshooting ⁢Tips to Fix Problems ⁢during Installation

If you’re having trouble installing Valorant, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get it up and running:

  • Check that your system meets the minimum requirements for Valorant. Make sure ⁣you ​have an up-to-date operating system and the latest version of the relevant graphics cards​ and drivers installed.
  • Close any background applications that may be ⁢using a lot of RAM or CPU usage. This will help ‍free up‍ your system ‌resources so that the Valorant installation process can run ‌smoothly.
  • Check your internet connection. Make sure you have a good, stable‌ connection for downloading and installing the game.
  • Check your firewall or Antivirus settings⁤ and make sure that they are not blocking the download or ⁤installation process.
  • Make sure you ‌have ‍enough hard drive space. You may need to ‌free ​up some space to install the game.

If⁣ these tips don’t help, try ⁣restarting your ‍PC. Before you do,⁤ make sure you save ‍any unsaved data since restarting will clear ⁢out the system. Once ⁢your PC is restarted, check again if you can now​ install⁢ the game. If all else fails, uninstalling any conflicting programs ⁣or applications may help you install Valorant.

5. Conclusion

Before concluding, take a pause and take a deep breath. It’s perfectly natural to feel a little overwhelmed at this point. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a summary of the⁣ main points we’ve discussed and what you should do next:

  • Checking your computer specs: Make sure your computer is up to ⁣the standards to play Valorant.
  • Updating your drivers & OS: Valorant requires​ up-to-date drivers​ and operating system.
  • Checking other applications: ​ Make sure other conflicting⁤ applications are uninstalled.
  • Performing a clean installation: Try installing the game freshly⁣ with a better internet connection.

At the end of‌ the day, we hope this guide has helped you⁣ in resolving any issue you were experiencing​ with ‌your Valorant installation. Be ⁤sure to consult the official Valorant troubleshooting page for further support. ⁣That’s it‍ for now – keep gaming!


If you have attempted all the solutions listed and are still ⁣having trouble downloading Valorant, it⁣ might be ‍a good idea to contact Riot Games, who are more than happy to assist you​ in getting the game working. Keep in mind troubleshooting is a process of elimination and that many problems can be fixed with some patience and by exploring various options.

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